The Ragroof Players disbanded on 31 December 2018, ending a highly successful twelve-year run of working together on street theatre shows, site-responsive performances, and community-engaged projects, which included: The Ragroof Tea Dance. This is The Players archive site, Dorothy’s Shoes continues to tour The Tea Dances more information below.


This is The Ragroof Players archive website.


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Dorothy’s Shoes presents The Ragroof Tea Dance


Ragroof Tea Dances are a fantastic two- to three-hour participatory event, featuring authentic vintage music from the 1920s to the 1950s and beyond, glamorous costumes, glorious dance displays, and choreographer/dance teacher Dorothy’s Shoes’ trademark Instant Dance Classes in a number of popular dance rhythms. A chance for everyone to trip the light fantastic!


Everyone is welcome, no partners needed – Ms Shoes’ unique gender-free approach to partner dancing encourages everyone to take part.


 The Ragroof Tea Dance can be produced indoors or outdoors: from mirrored Spiegeltent to village hall; outdoor arts festival to local community event.


The Ragroof Tea Dance was first presented (2006–2012) by Ragroof Theatre in collaboration with Dorothy’s Shoes, and subsequently by The Ragroof Players (2013–2018). Dorothy’s Shoes takes on the Ragroof Tea Dance from January 2019, with the aim of continuing the good work done over the past 12 years, and offering this excellent participatory dance event to both new and regular audiences.



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